Tire Recycling Statistics


-In the US, approximately one tire is discarded per person each year.


Most states do not allow whole tires in landfills for the following reasons:


-Tires that are buried tend to work or "float" their way up to the top of the landfill and become exposed again.


-Exposed whole tires are excellent breeding grounds for insects, especially mosquitoes.


-Exposed tires are fire hazards.


-A typical passenger tire weighs 20 lbs (9.1 kg).
At 229 million scrap tires generated per year,
that equals 4,586,400,000 lbs or 2,293,000 tons.






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Our Environment


Preserving the environment has become an increasingly important issue in today’s business world. As companies become more environmentally conscious, the source of raw materials that go into products is an important factor in the decision-making process.


Experience the Envirotech Advantage which combines the physical characteristics of rubber with the processability of thermoplastics. This state of the art product is created from recycled tire rubber and thermoplastics. The resulting material can be recycled many times over.


At Envirotech Extrusion we provide a solution that helps the environment and enhances your finished product. Envirotech utilizes reclaimed auto and truck tires to produce recycled rubber that can be used in many applications. The quality of this recycled rubber is outstanding.


Scrap tires represent a very significant environmental problem. Each year over 250 million used tires are discarded in the United States alone. These tires take up valuable landfill space, become a breeding ground for rodents and insects and are a serious potential fire hazard. Over the past several years, Envirotech Extrusion, Inc. has taken 30,000,000 pounds of these tires and made them into a thermoplastic rubber that is being used in many, many different markets and applications. Many current models of automobiles and trucks have various parts made from this product.


Current production levels are in excess of one million pounds per month. During the year 2003 Envirotech Extrusion, Inc. produced and sold almost ten million pounds of extruded rubber material. Of those pounds, 6,000,000 lbs. was recycled crumb rubber from tires. In addition, because our material is recyclable, we also are able to re-use the scrap we generate during our process. It is simply ground up and put back through the extrusion process.


Further expansion during 2004 adds another 40,000 square foot building and two extrusion lines bringing our total number of extruders to seven. This expansion will allow us to provide material in widths up to 96”. This additional width capability opens up many new business opportunities.