Product Specification:

Envirotech sheet and roll stock comes in several standard styles and sizes. Custom gauges, widths and lengths are available. Specially formulated pressure sensitive adhesive is offered for widths up to 52". Capabilities include dual pattern embossing (a different pattern on each side to the sheet) for reversible use.

Gauge: .045" to .500"

Width: Up to 88"

Length: Up to 144" sheet;

roll length varies with gauge.

Custom sizes: Quoted on request


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Possible Uses

Anti Fatigue Mats


Farm Machinery


Construction Sites

Bed liners


Automotive Die Cut Parts

Equipment Storage

Weight Rooms

Horse & Stock Trailer Wall Liners

Alley Mats

Boat Runners

Dock Bumpers

Traction Mats


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GRS - V-Grooved surface, groove depth .250", smooth back
SH - Ribbed surface, .562" flat ribs, .375" flat grooves, depth .080", smooth back

EG -Raised Rib Surface, .50" Rib height, .200" between ribs, smooth back


SB - Side bar mud flap, comes in white and black, smooth surface


Sound Dampening Material


An EVA-based material with fillers that provide sound dampening qualities is also available. Ask our sales department for details.

Foam backing can be applied to surfaces upon request.